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EU and ASA Regulations

Thu 3rd May, 2012 - 7:24am by Emma Cockrell

As we start this new Blog site I thought it would be helpful to recount some of what has been influencing the world of Nutritional Therapy in general, and the outworking of Nutritionhelp specifically.

The role of Nutritional Therapy in supporting and maintaining health is becoming increasingly recognised. It has always been acknowledged that Nutritional Therapy should not and cannot take the place of medical diagnosis, treatment and care, but over the last 18 months regulations from the EU have made the distinctions between medical and supporting nutritional work more defined. In particular this has put specific boundaries on what a Nutritional Therapist may or may not say. Whilst Nutritional Therapy could never claim to cure or treat  illness the words now used must convey this more directly. Hence a Nutritionhelp report will use words such as ‘encourage’, ‘support’ and ‘optimise’ in order to demonstrate that the responsibility of applied nutrition is to reinforce health and not take the place of the GP surgery. Other words may not be used by the Nutritional Therapist as these are deemed to be specifically medical, e.g. inflammation, obesity, pain, stress, antifungal and probiotic. Within a Nutritionhelp report therefore, we strive to work with these regulations whilst also presenting you with a nutritional analysis that will be of clarity and great benefit. 

Further boundaries are put on the work of Nutritional Therapy by the Advertising Standards Authority. This has  particular out-working in the recommendation of supplements that we feel may be helpful. In order to ensure that the client has choice, Nutritionhelp now only uses generic names for supplements within a report. However, we then send an email within 3 – 4 working days presenting specific supplement names and brands in order to aid the client in meeting the supplement recommendations suggested.

With these changes the work of Nutritionhelp hopes to stay well within regulations whilst also providing our clients with comprehensive nutritional support to encourage their own vitality of health.